In Death Comes the Great Silence

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This week has been pure fucking hell

I swear, there is NOTHING sexier than your foxy lady sitting around in nothing but one of your slayer shirts and her underwear \m/. My life rules right now


“Ascension Sickness” - Abigail Williams


I know this has been reblogged a million times but fuck you, this is so funny omg.

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My absolutely perfect 5 year old cousin...

Cousin:You're all invited to the Wedding!
Aunt:Who's getting married then?
Cousin:*playing with dolls* Harry, and Jack.
Aunt:Haha, they can't get married, dear.
Cousin:Why not?
Aunt:Because 2 men can't marry, it's wrong.
Cousin:Says who?!
Aunt:Says God!
Cousin:We'll I'm going to worship Satan...